ZB Hospitality Group | Econolease Spotlight Series

ZB Hospitality Group | Econolease Spotlight Series

ZB Hospitality Group is a leading foodservice provider in the city of Toronto. They operate banquet halls, conference centres, cafes, and cafeterias. They have seen tremendous growth in particular from the launch of their banquet halls. Especially their flagship,York Mills Gallery that opened three years ago. Located midtown Toronto, York Mills Gallery is a unique event venue that offers an urban-industrial loft-style space to host weddings, social events, corporate functions, conferences, fashion shows and more. 


At Econolease our slogan is “Think Outside the Bank” for a reason. Walter Vaz, a managing partner at ZB Hospitality group explains why; “If Econolease was not around to help us with the leasing programs that they did, it would have been a big strain on ZB Hospitality Group as a whole to finance the entire project. We would be fighting with the bank trying to justify our existence as usual and it would be very difficult.” 


ZB uses Econolease to lease items for their banquet halls and catering services beyond the standard kitchen equipment. Essentially everything that you see in the hall, the chandeliers, the draperies, the tables, the chairs, and bars all came through leasing programs with Econolease. Of course Econolease also helps out with the kitchen, leasing the HVAC system, ovens, stoves, tilt skillets. Everything right down to the smallwares, plates, and cutlery. 


“Our relationship with Econolease is fantastic we were introduced to them several years ago when we first started and they have proven to be an amazing asset to us and the food service hospitality industry in general.” 


Food service financing is what we do. We love food and the people making it. 


Don’t just take it from us. Check out ZB Hospitality and York Mills Gallery for your catering and event solutions. 


Address: 1885 Leslie St, Toronto, Ontario M3B2M3 Phone: (416) 525 5683 Email: info@yorkmillsgallery.com - http://zbcaterers.com/ - http://www.yorkmillsgallery.com/