Your Next Restaurant Could Be In A Shipping Container


When creating a restaurant there are many variables that can change even after your restaurant opens. When certain items on the menu aren’t working you can just swap them out. But what if your location or concept isn’t working? Enter shipping containers. Venture Food Trucks is creating full commercial kitchens inside shipping containers that are highly customizable and semi-permanent.


Who should use a shipping container?

Shipping containers are great for restauranteurs who are new entrants to the market and established restaurants looking to expand.


Why should I use a shipping container?

There are many operating costs for restaurants, one of them is rent. The cost of a shipping container should be cheaper than renting a traditional space in a building over time. Maybe you want to try a new concept or test a different market without the large start-up and operating costs that come with a full-scale restaurant. Imagine opening a full-scale restaurant and your location doesn’t pan out as planned. With a shipping container, this is a nuisance, not a death sentence. If a location stops working, move locations.


Why should I finance a shipping container?

Although the costs of a shipping container are less than a full-scale establishment, that doesn’t mean there are no costs involved. If you finance your venture through a lender, like Econolease for instance, you can break the costs into easy payments spread over a period of time. When opening up a business you already have the added stress of operating, knowing that you don’t owe a large chunk of change up front can help alleviate some of that pressure and give you the mental capacity and time to make your business successful.

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