Wilson's Haus Of Lechon | Spotlight Series

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The dream was realized in Cebu, a province in the Philippines where Wilson Martinito worked with his siblings at a restaurant called Four Brothers. They served a local favourite, Lechon, a style of barbecue to prepare suckling pig. Wilson was seeking a better life for his family and immigrated to Canada, leaving behind his restaurant dreams.

After arriving in Canada, Wilson dreamt of opening a restaurant again. Start-up and operating costs in Canada were much higher than back home so Wilson had to put his dreams off for a few years. As each day passed Wilson forged relationships with the Filipino community in Toronto. Like the Martinito’s, they missed their former home and the comfort their dishes offered. Wilson was determined to bring Lechon to his new community in Toronto. He found a location on Wilson Avenue and knew it was destiny.

To open his restaurant Wilson needed a lot of equipment. He needed everything from kitchen staples such as sinks and two-door refrigerator to deep fryers and range burners. But to properly prepare Lechon, Wilson also needed a stainless steel rotisserie and drip tray for his juicy chickens. He also needed a pig spit rack to help prepare his pork. Thankfully Econolease was able to help him make his restaurant dreams a reality.

Now serving countless hungry customers each day Wilson and his family are preparing Lechon style pork, chicken and fish daily. With the help of Econolease financing solutions, the Martinito’s have brought a little bit of Cebu to Toronto.