Six Questions: Restaurant Financing with Econolease

Six Questions: Restaurant Financing with Econolease
Introducing Carlie Morrison, National Account Manager for Econolease Financial Services. Carlie works with customers and national accounts all over Canada coordinating financial solutions for every aspect of their business including equipment purchases, equipment rentals, working capital loans and payment processing. Carlie has been with Econolease for over three years. Starting in marketing, transitioning to inside sales, then regional sales and now national accounts. She is familiar with different parts of the business and worn many hats within the company. She is passionate, energetic and enjoys getting to know each and every one of her customers and their projects. Watch the videos below to find out more about Econolease and hear from Carlie herself! 

What is the decor refresh program?

Econolease is very familiar in assisting with structuring the financing programs for Décor Refresh upgrades with numerous brands across Canada and the USA. If it is a tired looking store that needs a renovation including painting, flooring, new lighting etc., or a franchise system wants to roll out a new menu item that requires all franchisees to purchase new equipment, we can help take the load off. We have solutions to make store operators lives easier by keeping cash in their pockets and bank accounts. Instead they can make small monthly payments over a three, four or five year term and own the equipment upon its completion. 


What can I finance?

Our finance lease program covers anything that you would require to operate your business. All the items that you would see in your commercial kitchen from an oven, stove, refrigeration, walk-in coolers, exhaust hoods, delivery and installation, audio visual equipment, POS systems, signs, furniture and much more. If you can cook with it, we can finance it! Not sure if we can lease / finance an item? Just call and ask! 



Do I own the equipment?

There is a lot of confusion with the term “lease” and if customers own the equipment at the end of the term. With an automobile lease, most people trade the vehicle in at the end of the term. To avoid this, I have started using the term “finance” instead. Yes, at the end of the term, you own the equipment. Like financing a vehicle, you own your equipment outright when the agreement is complete. 



What is a National Account Manager/Account Manager?

A National Account Manager works with different equipment dealers and manufacturers all over Canada and the USA to help execute financing for their customers. Whether it's working on a large project, one piece of equipment, POS systems, or decor refresh programs- I work directly with the customers and dealer acting as a middleman executing financing. The lease finance program makes it easier for the dealer to sell more equipment while also making it simpler and painless for the customer to purchase.



What have you learned since joining Econolease?

I've learned a lot since I’ve been at Econolease. I came from a marketing and sports media background before I started working in finance.  Had you told me this was in my future, I wouldn’t have believed you!  Yet, here I am and I love it. Like a puzzle, I put pieces together to help get our customers off to a successful start, while still having operating capital in their bank accounts. I analyze applications and credit reports; create custom programs for unique situations. I also sit down with customers to discuss their financial needs for their business and qualify them for our many services that we offer. Every customer and situation is different and my day is spent ensuring their success. 


What do you love about working at Econolease?

The most rewarding part of my job is helping people. Every single day. Whether it's starting up a brand new business, helping existing businesses grow, or working with a chain helping their franchisees grow and expand. Every day is a different challenge but I truly believe I help make people's dreams come true. That at the end of the day is most gratifying.

Have any additional questions? Feel free to reach out to Carlie direct at  - we love hearing about your projects and opportunities. We want to help you open or maintain the business of your dreams!