Savoury Crepe | Made With Econolease

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Crepe T.O. is a gourmet Creperie in Toronto that aims to bolster the city's crepe scene. As owner, Reza Zarafshan says “We noticed a lack of creperies in the city and our concept is all about freshness and a new way of serving crepes.” Crepe T.O. has innovated the menu and the dining style to offer Torontonians a crepe like no other.
One of their signature crepes is the TFC Savoury Crepe. Beside using equipment financed through Econolease, this dish has the following ingredients:
-Classic crepe batter
-Oven roast turkey
-Roast beef
-Red onions
-Cheddar cheese
-BBQ sauce
-Garlic aioli
-Kosher pickles
-Green onions
Get your TFC Savoury Crepe at Crepe T.O. 52 Church St Toronto
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