Nomad Chef Food Truck | Econolease Spotlight Series

Chef Rabih Abouhalka traveled the world for 15 years gathering spices, flavours, and aromas. His nomadic lifestyle coined him the name the nomad chef and there’s no kitchen better for a nomad chef than a food truck. Since March 2017, Chef Rabih has drove his kitchen to the people, serving his unique culinary experience at festivals, events, and wherever else he can park.
The truck is nomadic, so Rabih tries to mix up the menu, offering different things based on the venue. But his culinary adventures have lead him to offer items you don’t see every day “we specialize in game meat. Mainly wild boar, venison, bison, elk and water buffalo.” 
“We needed some financing so I got introduced Econolease. I thought they would just help us with the equipment but it turned out that they leased us the entire truck from bumper to bumper.” The Nomad Chef Food Truck looks like a food truck but it truly is a fully mobile, fully functional professional kitchen. The truck has all the equipment to bring any of Chef Rabih’s creations to life including: 
• two-door commercial to refrigerator
• one door freezer
• 12 inch slicer 
• two panini grills 
• convection oven with hydro capabilities
• stove with a full oven on the bottom and five burners 
Traditional restaurants, grab-and-go offerings, or food trucks, whatever form your food service dream is we want to help make it a reality!
Rabih bought his food truck from Venture Food Trucks. Click here for more information.
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