Making The Perfect Salad With Mandy Wolfe

As consumers look for healthier lunch options, salads have seen growing in popularity. 45% of consumers who order a salad at restaurants say they feel healthier after eating meals that include salad (Technomic).  You know that salads are popular, but how do you make the perfect salad for your menu?

Mandy Wolfe has been creating Montreal’s favourite salads for over eight years. Her combinations have herbivores and carnivores alike lining up for lunch daily. We asked Mandy how she comes up with her salads and we’re here to pass along some of the tips we got from the salad queen herself.

Find Inspiration everywhere.

  • Use ingredients and flavours that are in season. Fr example, emphasize tomatoes in July and August. Add some colour with corn in October. Utilize the citrus of lemons, grapefruit and oranges in January. Every season has a feeling and your menu should reflect that.

  • A memory or an experience can inspire some of the greatest flavours. Bring some of the ingredients, spices and combinations tasted from your travels around the world to your salads.

  • Imitation is a form of flattery. Be sure to keep up with trends by following foodies and other chefs on Instagram to see what the current craze is of the food scene.

Only use quality ingredients.

  • Make sure your ingredients are fresh and free from browning and oxidization. Mandy’s has twice a day delivery to make sure their lettuce is always crisp and green.

Utilize the senses.

  • We eat with our eyes. Make sure your salads look beautiful by utilizing colour and proper plating techniques. Make sure the taste offers a range of sweet, salty and spicy. Texturally, finding the balance between crunchy and creamy is important. Play with your ingredients and dressing to find the sweet spot.

The greatest thing about salad is that it is a vessel for a wide range of flavours, smells and textures. The possibilities are endless, which is why Mandy’s offers the ability to customize their menu so that everybody gets the combination that makes them go yum! How will you create your hit salad?


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