Magen Meats | Econolease Spotlight Series

With expanded global commerce and economies of scale at grocery stores, it’s easier than ever for consumers to get meat and poultry when and how they want it. Although that may be true for consumers without dietary restrictions, getting the perfectly cut steak or burger ground to perfection isn’t as easy for people who keep kosher. Royi Flescher of Magen Meats offers the high quality of a butcher shop at convenient and affordable rates for those kosher eaters yearning for the old word experience that their parents and grandparents were accustomed to.

For Kosher consumers, it may be more accessible than ever to go to the grocery store and find what you need. But generally, the selections are smaller and there is no customization. At Magen Meats, there is a butcher on site that strictly adheres to Judaic laws. So instead of having to buy a frozen or pre-packaged product, the perfect brisket is a few slices away and guaranteed to be fresh.

Opening a butcher requires a lot of equipment. Refrigeration to keep products cool and displayed beautifully. Vacuum sealers for preservation. As well as countless other tools and gadgets such as scales and knives. When Royi started, he didn’t have a lot of credit available so traditional financial institutions weren't allowing him to grow his business in the ways he needed. Royi and his staff spent over 20 hours grinding hamburger meat. That’s a great deal of time and money. Through Econolease, Magen Meats was able to not only finance most of their storefront but also get new meat grinder that cut their burger processing time down to an hour. The amount of money saved on labour was basically the same as the amount on his repayment. A no brainer.

At Econolease, we don’t only want to make your dreams come true, we want them to succeed. We don’t just look for ways to get your business financed at the beginning but ways to help you improve efficiency and grow that bottom line.

If there’s a piece of equipment you need that you know will help grow your business but can’t afford it outright there are solutions. It’s time to stop dreaming. It’s time to think outside the bank.

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