How to Make the Perfect Latte With Barocco Coffee Company


Barocco coffee company are coffee roasters in Mississauga focusing on exceptional quality coffee blends and limited edition single offerings. They utilize traditional roasting methods honed in Italy. Their approach strikes a balance between past traditions and today’s technology. We caught up with Sierra, a cafe manager of Barocco to learn some tips and tricks on making the perfect latte.


Use the right beans and blend.

You need to be dialled into your espresso. Lattes have a lot of milk which means your espresso needs to be strong to shine through. Subtle flavour profiles won’t do. Be sure to choose beans with bolder and more pronounced flavours.


Caramelize the milk.

You want to heat the milk to 75 degrees, this caramelizes the fat and sugars in the milk- making it sweet. The perfectly made latte shouldn't need added sugar!


Creating the art.

Lattes need minimum foam. Once aerated you want to pull the milk up and create a vortex to evenly distribute the air bubbles smoothly which helps make your milk creamier. To pour the milk start higher up so the milk will cut under the espresso. Once you get to the bottom that's when the foam will start coming out which will be when you make your design.

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