Hale Coffee Roasters | Spotlight Series

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In English, hale means strong, robust, vigorous, and bouncy. In Arabic, it means cardamom, which is added to coffee as a cultural practice that is synonymous with coffee culture in the Middle East. They use their self-ascribed basic methods of coffee roasting and brewing to create a deliciously fresh ground cup of coffee that you could say is very hale.

Khaldoun Toukan, an owner of Hale noticed that the coffee industry was losing its artisanal roots. “We noticed that the coffee industry had been bastardized in the 90’s and early 2000’s by the mega companies who weren't really treating the coffee correctly.” Khal saw an opportunity to invigorate the market with coffee that was taken seriously. He wanted to be part of a movement that brought coffee back to its roots, back to basics. Hale was born, or rather- brewed.

“We're not just roasters. We're not just cafes, we're not just a bakery. We wanted to be a full holistic type of coffee company.” Taking this approach, Hale aims to be a part of every aspect of the coffee experience. They take your coffee from start to finish. Their basic approach to coffee making takes them all the way from the farmers all around the globe growing the beans to the full-bodied flavour you taste after a delicate sip of one of their many coffees. “We do small batches, we use high-quality machinery and beans. We make sure that we don't over roast the beans. We make sure that we maintain the agricultural aspect of those coffees that the farmers worked hard on.”

Coffee is clearly serious business. Building your business whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, or any other foodservice company can be stressful. But the financing shouldn’t be. “When you build shops you have very hard deadlines. Everything was due yesterday and Econolease was able to work with our deadlines and to support us where they were not a source of agony they were actually the easiest part of it.”

At Econolease, we know the food and beverage industry. You don’t need to explain the different products to us, we know the vendors, what they’re offering and how they can benefit your business. Between the giant roaster, packaging machines, and coffee makers and utilities- there is a lot of equipment to get that perfect pour over, drip, and espresso. Where Hale’s coffee is strong, robust and bouncy at Econolease we’re accessible, quick and easy. Getting equipment financed doesn’t have to be a headache. It can be simpler than your coffee order. “It was an easy transaction. No convoluted financial terms that you don't understand and hidden fees in this and that- it was very straight up, straightforward and to the point.”

Hale has their basic process and so do we. It’s time to get financed and start roasting.

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