Eva's Original Chimneys | Econolease Spotlight Series

Toronto’s food scene has exploded in recent years with the help of social media. No one knows this better than Justin Butler, the owner of Eva’s Original Chimneys. This Toronto-based dessert company showcases their signature desserts to over 24 thousand Instagram followers on an on-going basis, attracting lots of media attention and business. Named after his grandmother, Eva’s offers a variety of Chimneys, traditional Hungarian pastries named for their hollow and cylindrical shape. These crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside donut cones are filled with ice cream and then topped with a mouthwatering selection of homemade toppings. Since their inception where they originally sold cones out of a food truck, Eva's has taken the city by storm. Now operating out of multiple outlets, Eva’s is a story about family tradition turning into modern success.
Before opening their flagship store in the Annex, Eva’s required many pieces of equipment from various food service suppliers including refrigeration units, prep coolers and ice cream machines. Justin made the decision to lease this equipment through Econolease. “It’s a 100% write off for our business, which goes against our income which is good for when we’re growing.” With his eye on further expansion, Justin saw the opportunity for success with Econolease's lease-to-own options and knew that he was getting the best terms possible, “it allowed us to buy the asset for next to nothing once the lease was over. The way that the deal is setup it makes sense business wise to lease.”
Quick and easy financing can help new businesses grow and expand at the pace they need, allowing business owners to seize opportunities for success as they come without being bogged down by slower, more cumbersome financing options. At Econolease we strive to make your dreams come true as quickly and smoothly as possible. “The reason that we chose Econolease is that they already had relationships with the vendors. They we’re the quickest and easiest to work with, there wasn’t much lag, and the approval process was quick and easy.” We love seeing our customers reach their goals and make their restaurant dreams become a reality. Justin and the team is doing just this and more! “Because our experience with Econolease was so good with our first restaurant we are continuing to use them as we expand.”
To learn more about Eva’s click here or visit their Toronto Flagship location at 454 Bloor Street West.
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