CASA Manila | Econolease Spotlight Series

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“The Filipino’s are the third largest ethnic group in the GTA. But, try and think of a good Filipino restaurant with authentic cuisine that’s made with health in mind?” This is what Mila pondered to herself before deciding to open Casa Manila Restaurant seven years ago with her husband. Having been a Torontonian since the Sixties, Mila said enough was enough, and took it upon herself to showcase the tasty food and interesting dining experiences the Filipino community has to offer.
Casa Manila offers “Filipino cuisine made with a nature to nurture philosophy. Our hope is to give you the taste of the Philippines in our restaurant.” Filipino food is very labor intensive. Preparing many of the dishes involves lots of chopping, preparation, and marination. There are lots of sauces to go with the dishes ranging from chicken Adobo to Kalderetang Baka a Tomato Garlic Beef Stew.
“We want our guests to feel like not only are they eating authentic Filipino cuisine made the healthy way, but they're doing so in an environment which helps them to really feel that they have gone back to the Philippines. But it's right in the heart of the GTA.” To help engage customers, the restaurant decor is filled with fresh flowers and traditional Filipino art and sculptures. Just like in the Philippines, casa Manila offers numerous communal dining experiences including their famous giant halo-halo bowl, a gargantuan sized version of the classic Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk, mixed with various jellies and fruits. As well as the Kamayan, a four course dining experience with a five platter course served on bamboo leaves.
To make this all possible, Casa Manila needed the right restaurant equipment: proper fryers, mixers, and food processors. That’s where Econolease comes in. “We had leased quite a bit of restaurant supplies. From our cutlery to our glasses to our restaurant equipment to our tabletops and this can be very daunting but Econoleases service, I would vouch for.”
We work with the suppliers, every step of the way, to make sure you’re getting the equipment you want, when you need it, at financing terms that give you the capital to make the right decisions for your restaurant. “They work very well with the suppliers every step of the way. Until we got the equipment they were always concerned. It was not like ‘that's not our department.’ No, it was what can we do to make this beneficial for you?”
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