Blondies Pizza | Spotlight Series

A little pink box-shaped building sticks out like a sore thumb on Dundas street east in Toronto. But unlike a sore thumb, it’s all good times inside Blondies Pizza. The little pick-up and delivery only pizza joint has a southern California feel to it while cooking up some of Toronto's most delicious pizza.

The new neighbourhood pizza place comes from head chef Matt Blondin and The Food Dudes, the restauranteurs behind Rasa, Omaw and Pantry. To separate themselves on their latest venture, Blondies goes against the grain of what is now standard in trendy pizza shops. Instead of a brick or wood-fired oven, Blondies uses a conveyor oven. The flour is all-organic and from Ontario as opposed to Italy. The tomatoes are from California.

The menu has five red-based options, five white based options as well as the ability to make your own favourite combination. All sauces are made in-house. The delicious but not traditional white-based pizzas use a sauce which is a blend of alfredo and ricotta.

Being only a pick-up and delivery establishment, Blondie’s need to make a lot of amazing pizzas and in a timely fashion. That’s where the conveyor oven comes in. The oven cooks pizza’s in under five minutes. The timing is perfect for a place looking to churn out a lot of pizzas with consistent high-quality. But getting a piece of equipment like this isn’t always easy. That’s where Econolease stepped in.

We helped Matt and his team of pizza enthusiasts finance the oven, refrigeration units for ingredients and beverages, as well as the tableware. Not every restauranteur has the capital up front to finance their dreams. That’s why Eocnolease is here to help get you the equipment you need. We create a payment schedule that works for you to pay off your equipment without hurting your businesses success. When it’s all said and done the equipment is yours!

Like Blondies conveyor oven, we look to get you your equipment as efficiently as possible without skimping on the quality.

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