Birch Bistro | Econolease Spotlight Series

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Beef Bourguignon, Fresh fish, and Mussels are just a few of the classic French dishes that can accompany your delicious glass of wine at Birch Bistro. The owner, Laurie Hillesheim aimed to create a great neighbourhood spot for Mount Pleasant Village and she delivered. Taking over the building of an old bank, Laurie kept aspects of the previous space such as the vault, combined with elegant mirrors and cool floors to create a simple fine dining atmosphere.

“We're a French bistro so we definitely feature classic French dishes, our chef Oliver Kelson is a talented chef and he comes up with new dishes all the.” Alongside the staple dishes Birch Bistro also offers seasonal plates such as a Warm Seafood En Croute on a cold winter day or freshly Shucked Oysters served out on the patio in the sunny summer evenings. But it’s not all about the classic french cuisine, they also keep it simple by offering their spin on a classic hamburger.


Anyone who has opened up a restaurant knows it’s expensive and there are always hidden costs in the beginning. At Econolease, our goal is to make your dreams a reality by freeing up as much capital as we can so you can spend it where you need it. “We've been open about a year now and Econolease really helped free up some funds to do a few other things that need to be done around the restaurant. Whether it be staffing, decor or other equipment that you didn't realize you needed Econolease just helps free up that money and just made my life a lot easier.”

We help you finance what you need. Birch Bistro needed to fit a bar area seamlessly into the space, so we helped them rent a one piece back bar unit. They opened a to go shop which features a display case for their delicious desserts, also financed through Econolease. And no kitchen is complete without a few toys for the chef such as an ice cream maker and the ever-important vac-pack- which of course were financed to the restaurant through Econolease.

The foodservice industry is our bread and butter. Don’t just take our word for it, ask around, “I decided to use Econolease because they were recommended by other people in the industry. If I were to describe Econolease’s service I would say they were efficient, friendly and easy to work with.”


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