Ah-So Sushi | Econolease Spotlight Series

Ah-So Sushi | Econolease Spotlight Series

Ah-So Fine Foods or “Ah-So Sushi” is a family operated business that thinks globally. After providing delicious sushi in a sit-down restaurant setting for decades they have added a new grab-n-go option for their customers.


Dan Hong, the president of Ah-So explains “Farm Boy came to us and said that they we’re looking for fresh on-site sushi programs.” Now, they operate 15 sushi bars in Farm Boy grocery stores. The grab-n-go menu includes fresh sushi made daily! “We make fresh sushi every day providing 30-35 different options. Vegetarian, cooked items, and combos.”


The situation is unique. Farm Boy provides the location, but everything else falls to Ah-So, “Our staff, our equipment, our ingredients. Farm Boy provides the space we provide the expertise.”


Although the cost of space is a big part of any food-service business, there’s still equipment. Getting all the equipment you need for 15 locations isn’t always simple. Or is it? At Econolease we make it simple and turn our customers dreams into reality! Working with people like Dan is why we do what we do. “Econolease has been financing our equipment needs. From sushi merchandisers, to prep coolers, and under counter coolers. Whatever is necessary for us to implement the on-site program, they have been there to provide the solution.”


As Dan says, at Econolease we’re not just your financier, we’re your partner, your friend, and your family “they believed in what we we’re doing, and saw us as a partnership unlike the experience when you’re thinking like a bank.”

Our job is to make opening and running your restaurant as digestible as possible. We want you to worry about creating the best dish, not your financing! “It has been such an important part of our growth because we didn't have to worry about where the financing would come from next.”


Just like sushi, we have the ability to take large ingredients and roll them up into small bite-size portions. “It doesn't tie up your credit cards, and that’s the important thing. It doesn’t use your line of credit, so it frees up what you’re able to do. We’re not worried about spending money on equipment then worrying about how we’re going to pay our employees because the equipment is taken care of by Econolease.”


Check out Ah-So Sushi for fresh and exciting sushi options in your local Farm Boy, Rabba Fine Foods or click here to find a local store near you - http://www.ah-sosushi.com/